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Cirrus GTS N122MG

The Emax program is a standalone program that you can run on your own computer to collect and analyze log files from the Arnav, Avidyne and Cirrus/Perspective MFD's. I have added a new button on the left to Cirrus Reports. This is a superb web-based application that does much the same thing, with some additional great features.


Version 23.1 has some more bug fixes. YOU MAY HAVE TO UNINSTALL ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION. The Google Earth facility is easier and faster than before.

A Powerpoint presentation showing how to use the program is available. To view this you may need to download the Powerpoint viewer, which you can get from Microsoft.

To install the high resolution maps download any or all of the following and copy them into the folder in which you have installed Emax (usually C:Program Files\Emax), or in the case of Windows 7 C:\Program Files (X86)\Emax  

Europe.zip (1.3 Meg)

NAmerica.zip (4.7 Meg)

Australia.zip (1.7 Meg)

An example of a log file containing altitude data is available.

For ARNAV users, you will need to download a small stand-alone program called AR-Splitter. This will take the Comma-Delimited file (.CDF) from ARNAV's EngineWatch program and split it up into individual flights in readiness to be read in by the Emax Program.

If you have questions, you can email me directly by clicking here.


N122MG Emax Download

EMAX Powerpoint Demo Powerpoint Viewer AR-Splitter 1.3 PER-Splitter 1.0 Example Logfile Cirrus Reports